My Latest and Greatest.

I am currently focusing on projects with a larger global impact, so professionally, my photography is taking a back seat. However, I do love this art form, and still enjoy being behind the camera.

Current projects.

I'm working on projects that will hopefully have a significant global impact. Here are just a few. Click on any links to find out more about specific projects (where more info is available).

Nonprofits & The Arts.

My most recent venture is Know Big Deal, an organizational structure and strategy consulting company. The purpose of KBD is to provide nonprofit organizations and businesses serving the arts communities the level of support traditionally limited to large corporations.


This is my current passion project. Multiple studies show cities that support the arts and, more importantly, invest in local artists typically see growth in both economic and social development. Canvacity (name is tentative) will celebrate communitties while provide a pathway for other cities to follow.

Feminism & Men's Role.

Feminism tends to focus on the empowerment of women. I fully support that mission, however, I also see the desperate need for re-educating our young men. This is a project to point out the necessity for men to step up and stop abuse, assualt, or even "lockerroom talk."

Summary of my work experiences.


My first job was working as a stockboy at a KMart during its transition to a BigK. The best experience there was working with the security guy helping him catch shoplifters. I also worked at an ACE Hardware for a while as a cashier. I later managed an online retail business catering to dog and cat lovers. My last endevour in retail was owning a custom framing shop. Though, that was less retail and more designing frames for customers and battling with the landlord/city.

Odds and Ends.

While I was in college, I spent a few years as a referee for IM soccer. This was super fun, and I also got to referee a few of the women's collegiate soccer tournaments. One of the oddest jobs I had was a two week stint as a dispatcher for Tiger Lines, a tomatoe transportation company. This only lasted two weeks because I was covering for a friend while she was on vacation. Another out of character job I held during college was as a wharehouse manager for a shipping company. This lasted three months before I threw out my back and they let me go becuase I was useless at that point.


I've spent the past 17 years in and out of the theatre. My longest work experience was at The Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts. I was a stage technician, with responsibilities ranging from stage management to lighting design. I would say my favorite part was carpentry, especially when we needed to problem solve to fix a set piece for a traveling performance. I also spent 2 years, on and off, traveling with a world-renowned percussionist doing her lighting design and production management. I worked with different venues and all sorts of personalities while on the road. I have to admit that I really miss those days.


Ever since I completed my undergraduate studies, I've been interested in starting and owning my own company. It started with InFocus, a one-hour photo developing store in Davis, California. Dan Perlea Photography has also been a part of my life since 2002, not only as an outlet for my creativity, but also my main source of income while experimenting with different endeavours. The greatest learning opportunity came when I opened Four Corners, a custom framing store and art gallery. Now, I am currently working on three projects, which you can learn about below. One of which is a consulting company that helps non-profit organizations and businesses in the arts develop plans and create strategies for long-term success.

How I'd Describe Myself.

The Professional


I have spent most of my adult life running my own businesses. I've owned a 1-hour photo developing store, a photography studio, an art gallery, and did freelance consulting for theatrical lighting design and production management. While attending the UC Davis Graduate School of Management, I realized my real passion was in helping others succeed. I now run a consulting company focusing on business and strategy development.

Knowledge Seeker

Education wasn't always my strong suit, but I have definitely always loved learning. Though I may not necessarily agree with the current system, I do see the benefits of higher education. I also love workshops and online tutorials. For me, seeking personal growth is one of the most important aspects of being.

Creative Adventurer

Hopefully, you've realized so far that I love the arts. Everything from paintings, to sculptures, to live performances, and music, art is the ultimate in self expression. Lately, I've become a big advocate for self discovery. For me, there has been no better place for exploration than the opportunities at Burning Man. For the past two years, I've had major breakthroughs, not only in my creativity, but my self-awareness.


Ok, this one is more of a joke, but I do wish I was more of an athlete than my body will currently allow. I love skiing in the winter and soccer year-round. Aside from sports, I also enjoy being out in nature, whether it's on a camping trip or a simple day hike.

Get In Touch With Me.

If you like my photography, or if you see something you'd like to hear more about, please feel free to contact me. If you would like to collaborate with me on any of my projects, don't hesitate to reach out.

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